Food Punks 


Food Punks is our outside and event catering project that teaches young people cookery and front of house skills and feeds them into outside and event catering opportunities.

The project was born on the back of a Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund award to teach our young people how to prepare and eat fresh, healthy, seasonal and locally produced food to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Through this project we became involved in community events, delivering cookery demonstrations and climate change information. When we were approached by community organisations to deliver outside catering, we jumped at the chance and four years on we have built up a considerable portfolio of events, including barbecuing for a thousand people 2 years running.

Food Punks has established a great reputation for delivering high quality, seasonal and exciting food and recent financial support from Robertson Trust and LEADER has enabled us to engage our new Food Punks lead and head chef, Kyle; invest in our kitchen to provide a commercial base and purchase a van to expand our project and generate much needed income for our youth club.

Food Punk participants receive a 50% share of profits with the remaining 50% supporting TYA’s youth work activities and through this project we have supported over 20 young people into paid employment and college placements.

Pressure, challenge and tight time deadlines have given our Food Punks a true understanding of the catering and hospitality industry and have equipped our team with team work, time keeping and communication skills that are highly transferable.

A sense of achievement, a sense of belonging, tired aching muscles and the euphoria of getting through it with happy, smiling, well fed customers becomes addictive and we remain humbled by the work ethic, commitment and drive that our Food Punks bring.

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