We have just been awarded a whopping £66,100 by Junior Challenge Climate Fund, administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful to run an amazing project

Thanks to this Junior challenge Climate Funding we will run a year long project to challenge young people's views on climate change with a view to promoting long lasting change that will benefit our planet!

Our project was designed by youth club members in response to a residential trip that asked them to think about what could be done to reduce carbon emissions. Members were split over this and half wanted to run an up-cycling project that celebrated the up-cycling of bikes through crazy designs, welding and graphics. The other half were concerned about the eating habits of many high school students and wanted to run peer led cookery workshops that would challenge young people's perception of food and, ultimately their eating habits.

Crucially, despite the differences of opinion over how to address carbon reduction, all the young people agreed that residential visits to learn about the need to address climate change were important and all agreed the project had to be FUN!!

Through many months of hard work from the young members involved we have mapped out a project that captures all the aspects they were looking for and we look forward to Food Punks leading a fresh food revolution among young people in Peebles while Upcycle will set about welding, fixing and creating zany bikes that will be ridden locally to promote cycling over car use and prevent unnecessary landfill. Our project is Small Steps Big Changes and we're looking forward to a rollercoaster of a year!

Hayley Crawford